Monday, September 12, 2011

And he's got high hopes...high apple pie, in the sky hopes

This weekend John Bass, the Project Healing Waters Mid-South Regional Manager, will be hosting an event in Brevard, NC for all of the PHW Program Leads in his region for a day of meetings followed by a day of fishing on Davidson River Outfitter's private waters.

Some how or another I got invited. Did I accept? Of course. I haven't fished those waters for a while and the opportunity was too much to resist. So I figured that since the trees have a larger collection of my flies than my vest does, I had better get to work at the tying bench.
Do you think you see too much yellow on this table? Not a chance! I think not.
So this week I've spent more time than I should have doing a little replenishing. I had to tie up a few yellow and black marabous, and a few Nub Worms. One of the guys at our Asheville PHW program found a smaller size of our secret Nub Worm material, and so with the creators approval (Not really...sorry Jerry), I tied up a few size 14's. And since John's favorite pattern is the Sheep Fly, I tied up one for John.
Someone is going to catch a very large trout. It could be one of the Program could be could be me. Regardless, we are gauranteed to have a great time on some of the premier waters of the southeast. And if not, as everyone knows, "Oops there goes another problem kerplop."
(My apologies for you young whipper-snappers that don't recognize the lyrics. Think Sinatra, not Pink Floyd.)


  1. I don't know exactly why, but I really dislike that song. Unfortunately, once you hear it, it's stuck in your head for days. Glad to hear you accepted the trip to the Davidson. I'd give my left one to be there. Sorry, just one of my dreams. Have a blast and post lots of photos.

  2. Howard, let's preserve your left one. Just get yourelf over here and I will take you onto that water! Gladly! Sorry about the song, but it was the one that came to mind. Just thank me that I didn't quote all of the lyrics!

  3. Thank you Alan for not posting a video!

  4. Between you with a Yellow and Black Marabou, and John with his Sheep Flies.. I am sure the fish never had a chance.

  5. Well, the jury hasn't returned yet. I'll meet John early Saturday and we'll give it our best. We'll be on the West Fork and the only thing missing will be you!