Friday, April 3, 2009

Well, this just figures!

I start a blog three weeks ago with dreams of glory and riches and today the Federal Trade Commission comes along and says that bloggers can be held liable for statements that they make about products.
"If a blogger received a free sample of skin lotion (make that "Helios" rod) and then incorrectly claimed that the product cured eczema (make that "landed a 15 pound Brown") the FTC could sue the blogger for making false representations."
There goes my product sampling plans! I guess ORVIS won't be calling. And what if the FTC pushed it further and stuck to the letter of the law and held that we would "be held liable for misleading claims" ??? All of them ???
That would shut down every trout blog in existence!

Last week in an earlier post I mentioned the Virginia Fly Fishing Festival. Well, for the third year in a row Shirley and I will be attending what must be the best organized, best run and most fun festival on the planet. Beau Beasley (fly fisherman, author, entrepreneur and firefighter)and his crew really know how to put together an event.

I have the honor this year of being their designated "Festival Artist" and while it is certainly an comes with a bit of pressure. The Festival Artist gets to provide the artwork they use in their promotions and advertising, but the original artwork is also auctioned to the highest bidder at their lavish VIP Dinner and Banquet. The monies received go towards funding their important conservation I had to do my best work!

The image you see above is what I came up with. Hope you like it. I tried a very "minimalist" approach to my subject, letting the imagination fill in some of the details. Titled, "Frenzy"...can't you just imagine the entomological smorgasbord these two healthy rainbows are feeding on?

"Frenzy" will be reproduced in a limited edition of 75 signed and numbered prints, many of which will be raffled at the Festival which will be held April 18th & 19th on the banks of South River in Waynesboro, Virginia.