Monday, March 30, 2009

Last summer as I was exhibiting my art at the Federation of Fly Fishers Southeastern Conclave at Callaway Gardens I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Ken Griffin. Ken had recently started an organization called Fly Fishing For Vets. As what is now their sister organization, Project Healing Waters, was getting off the ground and focusing their efforts on the Washington, DC area, Ken took on the task of doing the same type of admirable work with our Wounded Warriors in the state of Georgia. Well Ken has done a fantastic job in the organizations first year! Please take a few moments to visit the groups website at to see just a few examples of the good work that Ken and numerous volunteers throughout Georgia are doing.
I have had the honor of providing my art to Ken's group for their fundraising efforts and I look forward to continuing that. Ken is doing a great job and I encourage all of you that are appreciative of our wounded heroes to check out the organization and seriously consider if you can lend a hand in any way. I promise that you will be richly rewarded!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Triple Play

I know. I promised a fish a week and this is obviously 3 fish. In preparing for the Virginia Fly Fishing Festival which is coming up in 3 short weeks ( I wanted to depict the 3 common species found in the Commonwealth. This was a very challenging undertaking, but I think it turned out alright. Hope you like it!

This might be a good time to explain how I do these things. Once I determine what I'm going to draw, I begin with Bristol (Smooth) 100# drawing paper. Using very fine lined drawing pens I apply about a gazillion teensy tiny dots to create the pen & ink image. Double click on the image and if you get an enlarged version, you'll see what I mean.
Once I'm satisfied with this first stage I'll move on to the "coloring" stage where I use Prismacolor colored pencils. It's not too different than what you did in kindergarten...and just like then, it's very important to stay inside the lines. These pencils are a little different though. They are wax based which allows the layering and blending of colors just like one would do if using oil or acrylic paints.
Please check out the link to VA Fly Fishing Festival, and if you are within a days drive it is certainly worth visiting. If you can make it I hope to meet you there!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Who needs Montana when fishing of this caliber is so close to home?
I was lucky enough to spend yesterday on Big Cedar Creek just outside of Lebanon, Virginia. This fantastic members only private water is one of four streams owned and managed by the Riverbound organization. Extrememly large and amazingly strong rainbows, averaging 3-4 pounds with a good number of hogs up in the 15 pound range. I ended the day with 7 of the size pictured...and with a special memory of one of the aforementioned brutes that broke my 3x on his first run. Had an absolute ball with my TFO 6 foot 2 weight, and I will be going back for round 2 with the one that got away.


At the risk of alienating the liberal wing of the fly fishing community allow me to comment on the brouhaha regarding Dick Cheney's invitation to speak at the American Museum of Fly Fishing.

Ted Williams (no, unfortunately not that one) an editor at Fly Rod & Reel magazine stated, "The entire fly fishing community is appalled and disgusted" with the Cheney invitation. Really? I don't think so. If the invite had gone out to that peanut farming crackpot and failure from Georgia I suppose there would have been high praise and hosannas!

(A couple of years ago I had the great pleasure of spending a few days on Pennslyvania's Spruce Creek. I stayed at Harpster's Farm, which many of you know to be one of the peanut farmer's favorite destinations. I was offered the Jimmy Carter room...which of course, I respectfully declined.)

I would also respectfully decline a bird hunting invitation from Mr. Cheney, but I would love to spend a day on the stream with him. And of course he has a standing invitation to speak whenever he wants at the Folger Museum of Angling Art. I could use his coaching on the proper greeting to use if I happen to meet a member of the US Senate.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009



Today begins a year long effort to indulge in one of my passions...or as my wife Shirley would say, obsessions...drawing fish. And yes, I stole the idea from Jeff Kennedy, whose blog,, I have quietly admired in recent months. In addition to many other artistic endeavors, over the past year Jeff commited to drawing one trout fly a day.

His success in accomplishing that has inspired me to try something similar. As I work full time in the world of Executive Search there is no way that I can do one fish drawing a day...but I think I can handle one a week. Other colored pencil artists might say that my work would be much better if I spent longer on each drawing, but I'm an impatient sort of guy. So one a week it will be!

Some illustrations will be good and they'll eventually make it to my website, and some wont make the cut. But all of them will be the best that I can do at the time which is a major reason for starting the effort. I'll do some experimenting along the way and hopefully I'll push myself to be a better artist in the process.

But, more about me and this effort I just want to see if I can get something posted and attach an image.

Fish Snagging...
Just saw an item on Foxnews about the TEN DUMBEST INVENTIONS. None of them hold a candle to what I'm about to rant about. Now, I'm all for entrepreneurialism...after all, that's what I'm all about...but the recent spate of advertisements for "The Moffitt System" take the cake.
My late Uncle George used to answer the question, "Where'd you catch that lunker?" with, "Right in the mouth!" He caught all of his fish that way. The way God intended.

Have these folks at Moffitt been infiltrated by the kind souls from PETA? If so, why not take it a step further? I will soon be coming out with a greatly improved version of their product. Called "The Folger System" it will replace the dangling hook with a dangling dip net. With my method there will be absolutely no chance of snagging an eye or a wayward dorsal fin. As the trout grabs at the fly, simply jerk the line and WHAMMO!...he's in the net.
Gimmee a break people!