Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Triple Play

I know. I promised a fish a week and this is obviously 3 fish. In preparing for the Virginia Fly Fishing Festival which is coming up in 3 short weeks ( I wanted to depict the 3 common species found in the Commonwealth. This was a very challenging undertaking, but I think it turned out alright. Hope you like it!

This might be a good time to explain how I do these things. Once I determine what I'm going to draw, I begin with Bristol (Smooth) 100# drawing paper. Using very fine lined drawing pens I apply about a gazillion teensy tiny dots to create the pen & ink image. Double click on the image and if you get an enlarged version, you'll see what I mean.
Once I'm satisfied with this first stage I'll move on to the "coloring" stage where I use Prismacolor colored pencils. It's not too different than what you did in kindergarten...and just like then, it's very important to stay inside the lines. These pencils are a little different though. They are wax based which allows the layering and blending of colors just like one would do if using oil or acrylic paints.
Please check out the link to VA Fly Fishing Festival, and if you are within a days drive it is certainly worth visiting. If you can make it I hope to meet you there!

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