Wednesday, March 18, 2009



Today begins a year long effort to indulge in one of my passions...or as my wife Shirley would say, obsessions...drawing fish. And yes, I stole the idea from Jeff Kennedy, whose blog,, I have quietly admired in recent months. In addition to many other artistic endeavors, over the past year Jeff commited to drawing one trout fly a day.

His success in accomplishing that has inspired me to try something similar. As I work full time in the world of Executive Search there is no way that I can do one fish drawing a day...but I think I can handle one a week. Other colored pencil artists might say that my work would be much better if I spent longer on each drawing, but I'm an impatient sort of guy. So one a week it will be!

Some illustrations will be good and they'll eventually make it to my website, and some wont make the cut. But all of them will be the best that I can do at the time which is a major reason for starting the effort. I'll do some experimenting along the way and hopefully I'll push myself to be a better artist in the process.

But, more about me and this effort I just want to see if I can get something posted and attach an image.

Fish Snagging...
Just saw an item on Foxnews about the TEN DUMBEST INVENTIONS. None of them hold a candle to what I'm about to rant about. Now, I'm all for entrepreneurialism...after all, that's what I'm all about...but the recent spate of advertisements for "The Moffitt System" take the cake.
My late Uncle George used to answer the question, "Where'd you catch that lunker?" with, "Right in the mouth!" He caught all of his fish that way. The way God intended.

Have these folks at Moffitt been infiltrated by the kind souls from PETA? If so, why not take it a step further? I will soon be coming out with a greatly improved version of their product. Called "The Folger System" it will replace the dangling hook with a dangling dip net. With my method there will be absolutely no chance of snagging an eye or a wayward dorsal fin. As the trout grabs at the fly, simply jerk the line and WHAMMO!...he's in the net.
Gimmee a break people!

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