Friday, May 29, 2009


Jesse's Rainbow
For anyone that dabbles in art, there is nothing as challenging as a commission. And if that commission involves recreating an anglers’ special catch it is REALLY challenging.

Most artists will spend the majority of their time creating whatever happens to strike their fancy...and if someone likes the result and wants to hang it on their much the better. Commissions are different. The pressure is on to create a personalized masterpiece and it had better be good. But if you succeed the rewards are fantastic!

To see the look in the eye of the buyer when they like the results is the best reward imaginable. To be a part of preserving a memory that will last a lifetime is kinda hard to’s the next best thing to actually catching that trophy yourself. I know for a fact that young Jesse had the time of his life catching this beautiful Rainbow...but I had a pretty good time too.

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