Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back to the Davidson...and beyond

On Saturday I fished the stretch of the Davisdon River that parallels the hatchery with my son-in-law Chad. Started at the dam and worked my way down through the pocket water to the bridge. Dancing a black and yellow marabou in and out of the pockets was great fun...caught 6 Brookies, one colorful par marked Rainbow and a very strong Brown of about 14 inches.

Tried everything from a Royal Wulff dry to a yellow rubber legged creation... before striking gold with the marabou. Felt pretty good about getting the brown to the net, as these are the most highly educated fish in WNC.

The intermittent rain provided perfect conditions for fishing ...and vultures. Why do they congregate here after a rain? Must have been 40 of them drying their wings on the hatchery light poles and any other stick offering some elevation. I had hoped to see some wildlife today but I was hoping for something a little more exotic and a bit prettier.

Sunday found us on Cascade Lake participating in my absolute favorite type of fishing. Float-tubes and bluegill. We managed to catch a good number of them but they were a little smaller than in previous years...with the biggest at eight inches or so. We might have been a week early to find the big ones.

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