Wednesday, June 27, 2012's a start

There is always a risk in showing a work "in progress" but hey, why not?  You might be looking at this Southern Appalachian Brookie and be wondering, "What is this crap all bout?"  But the upside is that you might look at the finished product in a few days  and say, "WOW!"  

The purpose - at this stage -  is to get some paint on the canvas and color over all of that intimidating white space.


  1. Ha! Alan you tickled me with this one. I've no doubt that the final will be wonderful. But, there is something I like about this the way it is.

  2. Thanks Howard. If I had know that you liked it "the way it is" I'd have stopped right then and shipped it to ya!
    But alas, by the time I posted it I had put in a few more late night hours and believe it or not, its actually starting to look like a brookie. Stay tuned . . . I may post the finished version over the weekend.

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