Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Woe is me

My apologies to one and all.  To all of you that have been longing in to see picures of giant trout caught by your humble correspondent...sorry.  To those that have logged in to read my amazingly insightful theorizing on the sport we love...double sorry.  And to the few that jump on here to catch a glimpse of my latest illustrations...triple sorry.  But I've been busy.

Busy learning my way around TU and doing all I can to get the Veterans Service Program off the ground.  Yes, I've found time to go fishing - twice.  Skunked both times.  On Christmas, I and my son-in-law Chad took grandson Grant for a boat ride on one of the little lakes at Callaway Gardens.  With great hopes of catching a few of the monster trout they stock each winter, we didnt get a bite.  Then two weekends ago Shirley and I met up with our Arkansas friends, Luann and Jerry, for a long-planned day of fishing Nacoochee Bend on the Chattahoochee River in north Georgia.  Same hoochee coochee on the Chattahoochee.  And I blame it all on John Bass and Billy Davis.

The two of them teamed up to get me a fantastic Christmas present - a large, make that very large - Fisknat landing net.  The thing is beautiful, and each time I've looked at it I've envisioned landing the fish it was made for.  Prior to both of these recent outings - since receiving the net - I spent countless hours daydreaming of the fish it would land, just knowing that with my superior skill level and this marvelous new gift it was fait accompli.  Well, not only will I not take that particular net on my next outing...I wont be taking a net at all.  Maybe then I can catch something.  Kidding of course.  I can't wait to fill that big ol' net with a fish that does it justice.  If he hasn't filled his tummy on parr, maybe I'll catch one like this...
I know, this one is a little "cartoonish" but hey...It was a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon!  Attitude.  It's all about attitude.


  1. That little guy sure looks scared....for good reason though...the big guy is definitely scary looking.

  2. Glad to have you back in touch, my friend, and hope you're having fun - skunks notwithstanding.


  3. I just discovered your little piece of heaven thanks to Mike's gone fishin'... again. You live in a beautiful place, so it's no wonder your art is so beautiful. Thanks Alan! I'm following.

  4. Awesome sketch! Nice and simple with clean lines and makes me want to go fishing.