Monday, June 21, 2010

Lesson Learned

I put the finishing touches on this after returning form the show at B.B. Barns. I had done the pen & ink part before attending the show and did the colorization as a demonstration during the event. It was interesting and educational for me – hopefully it was for the attendees as well.

Normally I complete the colorization in just a few home in my studio with no interruptions. The constant interruptions on Saturday forced me to take many more fresh looks at the work than normal. That and the fact that in order to be “busy” working on it for the benefit of the shoppers, I added many more layers than normal. I have always known that I work too fast, but working fast is my nature. Not any more. I like the way this turned out so I’ll be trying to slow the process down in the future.

I lifted a bit of Daniel P. Adams poetry for an added touch to the piece. I think his words of thanks say it all.

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  1. Very nice, my friend. Your work always amazes me.

    Hope your summer is going well!!!