Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Help Needed!

I need your help! My boss is running for the North Carolina State Legislature and if he wins it will mean more fishing time for me! That’s right, he’ll be out of the office a lot and while the cats away...well, you know the rest.

So here’s what I need. To win a seat in the state legislature it takes money. (NO...I DO NOT WANT MONEY.)

The NC House Caucus is running an online contest. The link I’ve provided will direct you to their website where you can ‘vote” for your favorite candidate. If you cast your vote for Tim Moffitt he just might win the $4,000 that they are giving away and I just might be able to take advantage of the situation.


They’ll ask for your name, email address (I guess to determine if you are real) and zip code – and that’s all.

So please take a moment to vote and help me get some much needed stream time!

Ps. It doesn’t matter where you live. Anyone, anywhere can vote.

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