Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Big Government...at it again

If you are still under the delusion that government works for us and is always mindful of our rights and interests then the following story will no doubt cause you little concern. If you are still going through your daily lives with the pollyanna attitude of “They can’t do that!” you will not be alarmed at what is discussed in the story. If however, you have come to realize that there is an agenda at play...often behind the scenes and un-noticed until too late...you will recognize a familiar pattern at work.

New Obama rules may prohibit citizens from fishing the nation’s oceans, coastal areas, great lakes and even inland waters...

From ESPN today:


  1. I am really impressed with your paintings!!!!! I looked for a crappie print and didn't see any. Do you paint crappie prints??? I really enjoy your blog. Bill

  2. Thanks Bill!
    No, I have yet to do a crappie. Gonna put that on my to-do list for sure, as I know that you crappie guys are just as fanatical as us trout bums. Can't promise when I'll get it done, but getting it on the list is the first step. Stay tuned!