Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thursday  night, at our monthly TU meeting ( the Pisgah Chapter) we were honored to have as our guest speaker Chas Glatzer of Shoot the Light photography fame.  Chas is a neighbor of mine and he just happens to be one of the top wildlife photographers on the planet.  I've seen most of his work before but unless our members were avid readers of National Geographic and other mags featuring high quality wildlife images, they weren't aware of his work.  Chas wowed I knew he would.

The image you see here (and my apologies for the picture quality) is the pen & ink stage of a really nice brown that Chas caught on a local stream this fall. I've been fortunate to have Chas photograph my recent Native Faces series and the Skin Series that I've been working on, and as a way of payback I suggested this catch & release rendition of his catch. I'll be adding some color to it in the coming days and hopefully he will be pleased with the finished work.


  1. Wow, I love it! Why don't I have any talented neighbors?

  2. Just found you blog and soooooo impressed with your paintings, really outstanding. I would like to link your blog to my Fishing Through Life blog if it is o.k. with you. I think my followres would enjoy seeing your art work and reading your blog. Thanks for sharing

  3. Well, of course you can Bill! Thanks for the interest and the kind words. I'll add Fishing Through Life to mine...