Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gettin' Ready

With the Virginia Fly Fishing Festival coming up on the weekend of April 21st in Waynesboro, Virginia I had better be doing one of these a night. Of course I can't, but I do hope to have a few of these acrylic paintings done by then to show along with my colored pencil illustrations.

This Rainbow "skin" was done with nothing but a palatte knife and a broad brush, using primary colors right out of the tube. It measures 18" x 24". And for those of you that might wonder "how can this guy who is so persnickety and detail oriented do something like this?" . . . well, I'm wondering that myself. I'm not wondering about the fun level though. This was a blast to do!

And my apologies for the picture quality - I had to shoot it with my phone. My $400 Pentax - the one that is shock and water proof - isn't "rub" proof. While at the TU Veterans Service Program dinner in DC last week (more on that to follow in a future posting) I had the phone in my pocket and something rubbed against it, crashing the thing. Pentax said "sorry." Will I be buying a new one? I think NOT!


  1. Very nice, Alan! Quite a departure, but a good one.

  2. Alan, that is exactly what I need for my new packaging! BTW my link on your page has the old website address. I'm back to flyfishingbenefactors.com See you in Waynesboro!

  3. Carl, I had you in mind when working on this. I'll have some others to show you in Waynesboro. Brown, Brook and Golden...