Saturday, March 27, 2010

Walt's Popper

Yeah, I know this blog is supposed to be about trout. As hundreds of other bloggers are writing about the breaking of spring and the warming of the waters and the inevitable trout fishing to follow - when spring shows up in my neighborhood my thoughts turn to Bluegills and Bass! Sure, I’ll be doing my share of trout fishing - going next weekend in fact - but just as importantly, I’ll be having a few after work rendezvous’ at our neighborhood pond. And unless I’ve run out of them, the end of my line will be showin’ off one of Walt’s Poppers. Say you’ve never heard of them? Well follow the link to a story done by Beau Beasley about Virginia’s Popping Bug King, Mr. Walt Cary.


  1. I too am waiting for the bluegills to move to the edge. I will make a trip on Tuesday to see if I land some early gills. I have an assortment of poppers on one of my post, that I use on a regular basis during the prime bream season. Your art work is exceptional!! Enjoy your blog. Bill

  2. Nothing wrong with having a popper on a trout blog! A twenty inch Brown can slaughter a mouse and a dark popper fished over a good trout pool in the middle of the night can bring some surprising results. Never have figured out what they take it for, but when they come for it, they come to kill it!

  3. Sounds like fun wish I had a neighborhood pond.
    Great drawings